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8th Grade Science

  Welcome to Mrs.Templeton's Class! 
I graduated from Central Cambria High School in 2005. I have been teaching 8th grade Science at Central Cambria Middle School since the 2013-2014 school year. My website contains general information about science class. For class assignments or more specific information please refer to Skyward, or e-mail me at


            In this school year’s Science class, students will be exposed to and gain knowledge of a myriad of topics ranging from: the scientific method, atomic structure, environmental science, life science, and the basis of physics. The curriculum for the year follows the Pennsylvania state standards for eligible content in 8th grade science. These are the standards and content used for creating the PSSA Science Test, which students will also be taking this school year. Instructional practices will include methods that will encourage students to think critically and analytically while preparing them for the questions they will encounter on the PSSA Test. These same practices and curriculum will also help prepare them for high school courses. The activities in the curriculum will include (but is not limited to) projects, mini projects, hands-on experiments, and lab reports.


 The curriculum given in this syllabus is the basic content for the school year. Specific dates and timelines or each concept are not given because coverage of material will vary from class to class and also depends on students’ mastery of concepts.


The Nature of Science   Life Science: Structure, Function, Changes and Interactions

Energy and Matter                                            Earth & Geologic Changes

Motion and Energy Understanding the Universe

Textbook: McGraw Hill- Integrated Science – There will only be a CLASSROOM SET of textbooks. Students will be responsible for the numbered book assigned to them at the beginning of the year.
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